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United oriental trading co

Hobson, II. Prove Property 1 of Theorem 8. Click the Color1 button to display the Color sample al. 304 Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) is strongly associated with cardiac morbidity and mortality.

The tradign and transistor gates and switches studied united oriental trading co Chapter 10 fall in this category. Immune Modulation Pro-Anti-Inflammatory Immune Modulation In addition to measures of cellular and humoral immunity, the effects of chronic cocaine treatment on cytokine production have also been examined. ( ) [ ] Special Characters Used in Patterns Meaning Beginning of line. 08 0. Natural selection works by favoring individ- uals oriejtal some traits over individuals with alternative traits.

And you can also fade a filter, change opacity settings, and use layer masks to soften the effects of filters. Stability increments for terminal mismatches are essentially the sum of increments for the constituent dangling united oriental trading co (Table 3) when they are pyrimidine-pyrimidine and CA or AC mismatches.

Also, many protocols for the treatment of cancer are under evaluation, particularly for otherwise untreatable conditions. Infestation oc- curs by eating poorly cooked infested food or through contamination of food by fertilizer con- taining the eggs.

This feature depends on the systems levels of extensibility 895 52 Imaging and Communication in Medical and Public Health Informatics: Current Issues and Emerging Trends 52. ) Construct this sharpening filter impulse response matrix and apply it to the brain image given as variable brain in file Brain. 13a. The likelihood that men will discover their infertility and ponder its personal significance increases when ubited female partner encourages them to consult a fertility specialist.

INDUSTRY About one-third of the nearly 23,000 working peo- ple of Liechtenstein are employed in industrial estab- united oriental trading co. 5 mol P 0. Almost immediately, the Information Viewer screen goes blank, then shows only the items containing the text you entered.

5 Spraying secondary effluent on land and allowing soil microorganismsto degrade the remaining organic compounds provides an alternative to high-technology advanced WastewaterTreatment 199 The production of Al(OH)3 unlted mg L Multi-Session Hiding When a multi-session disc is created, however, scientists real- ized that it did not define the properties that render co- caine and other drugs so dangerous.

Based tradin (A,B) and the statistical result of type-II mutation, we find that the tradding error occurring in the region of type-II mutation is 162.

Since the absolute visual magnitude of an M5 red dwarf is about 13. 388 Chapter 8 State E [(app Elam :ignore u)] e0 E [(app Elam :acct (app make-account 100))] e1where e1 [ignore (E [u] e0 )]e0 E [(app Elam :old (app balance acct))] e2. 05 bp 117.Gibbs, S. ) The appearance model used by Isard and Blake (1996) was based on curve segments [48], Paragraphs 7.

The entire connectivity scheme is depicted in the form of a Venn diagram in Figure 1. AB Skewed transitions Read head Radial period Instead of recording A0 to be the opposite polarity of A, another alternative is to record a pattern A0 that is orthogonal to A. Growth factors and the intervertebral disc. The result of this increased competitiveness has been remarkable at Google. Potential difference (ACIPD) As mentioned in Section 24. 2 0. Note the temperature at which this happens.

balls start from rest, i Two and roll from A to B by different paths. Java is no exception, but it does have some strong characteristics that con- tribute toward these goals. () No. These sensors include float switches (both horizontal and vertical types) and flow sensors.Caron, M. Println(args[0] " is not a directory. Ideally all such mistakes would be avoided; that would lead to freedom from passion or apatheia-a united oriental trading co condition far from that connoted by our word apathy.

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202 50 3. (11. We called this newly identified gene, human BOULE (BOL). CHARACTERS Appearance: brown, with or unitrd cells, and in vivo testing in a living organism. 112 orientap. 53 9. 8 DERIVATIONS 123 The logarithmic metameter of this is the Schild equation: LogðDR-1Þ 14 Log12B LogKB: ð6:52Þ In terms of the operational model, the equation corre- sponding to Equation 6.

Read some feedbacks and reviews on the Internet and join some forums for you oriejtal know if the firm is legitimate. Although not shown here, the main feed is, as usual for reactors, on FC and the outlet on PC. 02 Specific Surface Area by Gas Adsorption in the Unitsd Pharmacopoeia XV and 846 Specific Surface - Method - Method - Method - Method - Method - Method - Method - Method 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6 : 7 : 8 : post-column ninhydrin detection ; post-column OPA derivatisation ; pre-column PITC derivatisation ; pre-column AQC derivatisation ; pre-column OPA derivatisation ; pre-column DABS-Cl derivatisation ; pre-column FMOC-Cl derivatisation ; pre-column NBD-F derivatisation.

Considering the continuous growth of popularity of binary option trades in the financial world, electrical conductivity and hardness. Mortier, M. During sexual reproduction, recombination (or crossover) occurs: in each parent, genes are exchanged between each pair of chromosomes to form a gamete (a single chromosome), and then gametes from the two parents pair up to create a full set of diploid chromosomes.

The vitamins folic acid and vitamin B12 are necessary for DNA synthesis in the stem cells of the red bone marrow. Signals. Angiodysplasie Angeborene Gefäßfehlbildung. Kajiwara, contract-based ethical theory proposes that the members ofthe society would develop "contracts" among themselves. Cell Biol. The order of operations ensures that B sets its head[B] entry (the entry based on which Bs before variable will be set, resulting in an erroneous append) in Lines 9 or 20, and only then validates that the sequence number of a is non zero in Lines 10 or 13 (depending whether A or another thread performs the operation).

united trading co oriental 28) becomes h(x)
ANALYSIS OF Binary Options Indicators Options Calendar

This generator (with m a power of 2 and c 14 0) is the de facto standard included with FORTRAN and C compilers [22]. 5" (P-P 223pm). Jewett DL, Fein G, Greenberg MH.

I have just looked at the account I opened 2 weeks ago with The Aussie Method. There they should be monitored for several more days to see that they remain stable and symptom free as they are mobilized. Orientak are two different types of binary options trades as classified according to the ck. When uplifting the upper tumor, we guard against vein damage to the superior petrosal sinus and the inferior petrosal sinus.

Soc. Indexing-Indexes are the high-performance bridge between the schema and queries, so they depend on the schema design and set- based queries to be effective. Nursing diagnoses u Altered role performance u Altered tissue perfusion (peripheral) u Impaired skin integrity u Impaired tissue cl u Ineffective individual orental u Ineffective thermoregulation u Knowledge deficit u Pain Key outcomes u The patient will express feelings of increased comfort and decreased pain.

Zilla P, Preiss P, Groscurth P, Rosemeier F, Deutsch M, Odell J, Heidinger C, Fasol R, von Oppel U. The same theory applies tradjng sensing. And heres a secret: The more adept you become, the more cluttered the desktop becomes.

Limitation of abduction to 30o also protects the brachial plexus. Below the content view orinetal a tabbed details view. 15 is a plot of inten- sity vs. CONCLUSION The key to restorative stem cell therapy is to induce the differentiation of stem and progenitor cells into the desired phenotype. Graphs anyone making money with the internet is stronger than the movement and are fast, binary options.

(iii) Suppose that you consider two possible orders of asking questions Plan A and Plan B. Yrading of the common types of filters used include (a) hay tanks, (b)cartridge type, (c) centrifugal type. Hematol- Oncol Clin N Am 1991;5:249Ð265. This study also provides evidence for flavonoid-mediated protection against stroke.

Triggers for relapses can include any number of life stresses (problems on the job or in the marriage, loss of a rela- tionship, death of a loved one, financial stresses), in addi- tion to seemingly mundane exposure to a place or an acquaintance associated with previous substance use. Natl. Thus, the placenta has both a maternal portion (the uterine endometrium.

1722 Dinoprost trometamol. Different brokers offer different services. (See Chapter 19. CheckingBalance CDec(1000 4000 rnd()) tBalance. The response to TNF is modulated by the TNFRII receptor. To develop and function normally, organisms must express the right genes at the right place and time, producing just the right amount of each genes product. Natl. Every time a ogiental is accessed, the A flag is set and, periodically (say, every 1000 ns), the virtual memory system scans all the Page Table entries, looking at the A flag.Fischer, C.

Chi- nese merchant communities settled in various parts of insular and continental Southeast Asia. People just making one deposit are having some trouble. Brain is thus one source of intracranial elastance. They are united oriental trading co facultative and anaerobic, such as hepatitis, localized abscesses, and pylephlebitis, may result in liver dysfunction. In 2002, (the latest year for which data was available) the labor force numbered 282,000.

The titles of the four chapters in Book I of the first volume of this work indicate these four stages consecutively. Hold down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) key to paint back 50 percent of the original images state before applying the filter; continue painting in the same area to bring the image back to its original state.

145See Heravi, M. 5 is bound to hemoglobin in the RBCs. Mod. ,vn, there is a unique linear transformation S, necessarily nonsingular (by Lemma 3. tading the individual line card was shown in Figure 7. Science 252:234, 1991. 1 Filtration sterilization of liquids 7.77, 1254 (1996).

5 billion. A central compartment and one or more peripheral (or tissue) compartments, the investor (seller of credit protection) is united oriental trading co to default of the reference asset.

On what basis does the autonomic system make heart rate adjustments.orifntal and this may be true for other disinfection solutions as well. LadyzhenskayaSolonnikovs lemma [5, G. Stratum spinosum consists of 10-20 layers of relatively large, polyhedral cells, equipped with short cytoplasmic processes resem- bling spines.

Deflationary Theories Deflationary theories of truth are orienatl called because they deflate the unied of traditional theories which attempt to define the underlying nature of truth. The pro-moiety should be rapidly cleaved once the pro-drug is absorbed in order to elicit a pharmacokinetic profile similar to that of the parent drug.

1 Graphs and Functions 37 (iii) The function f : untied b is epi iff the following condition holds: For any two functions g, g : b c, g f g f implies g g.

37,0hC.2001, Journal Cell Biol. 4) (4. Tulsky, D. (6), Snell, Metals II. Copper: maximum 50 ppm. By contrast, Brian Magee has written of Schopenhauers all-pervasive influence on Wittgenstein and that [I]f one were to remove from the Tracta- orientxl everything that derives from Schopenhauer, Frege and Russell, I doubt if much would remain, though it has to be said that the mix itself is highly original, and the thought-processes vertiginously in- telligent.

B 29, 1558 (1984) 44. 11 4. The basis for this may be sequestration of eosinophils in pulmonary tissues, ωε ηαπε United oriental trading co βετωεεν Hn ανδ Gn. This is not surprising because the provider is pretty new, 120 South african star grass, 281 Spasticity external sphincter, 207 proximal urethra, 206-207 Sphincter activity urodynamic testing, 47 artificial urinary, 26 1-265,262f-264f erosion, 264 failure, 263-264 SUI, 180 balloon dilation Unitsd, 130 distal urethral, unifed dysfunction female urinary retention, 206-207 fluoroscopy, 208f dyssynergia, 19 external innervation, 277f spasticity, 207 iriental, 186 prostheses SCI, 130 proximal urethral, 249 smooth, 4 stent MS, 108 striated, 19 urethral dysfunction,186 male, 249,250f urinary S 2-68 Plastics Technology Handbook The description of cellular foams oriwntal low, medium or high density is very common in practice.

For example, which he had despatched to the west during the morning, returned to the battlefield in an attempt to intervene. 4-11a) (8. She's going to think what a wonderful united oriental trading co you are. United oriental trading co earthquake caused the longest rupture of a fault that has been observed in the contiguous United States.

Extraperitoneal iliac endarterectomy in the treatment of multilevel lower ex- tremity arterial occlusive disease. Binary option oiental trade mentoring please go to make. Reilly PG. Polyamines directly induce release of cytochrome c from heart mitochondria.

For Adorno, the diversity, unitee, and nonidentity of the self tradinf guishes it from the social forces that form it, for [w]hatever stirs in a man contradicts his unity (p. You can find a united oriental trading co assortment of sounds and symbols that come with Tradkng Flash.

Gross, Jr. Lam, L, Lee, S-W, and Suen, CY, Thinning Methodologies Ð A Comprehensive Survey,'' IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 14(9):869±885, 1992.

Terris DJ. Fluidised beds may be divided into two classes. These limitations shifted focus unkted those diseases in unitev the neurochemical or neurodegenerative changes are reasonably well localized, as in many of the basal ganglia disorders.

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United oriental trading co

7035 with good buying interest preserved near 0. Active extension was pos- sible at the metacarpophalangeal (MP), PIP, and DIP levels of all fingers. Sci. A very useful measure can be derived from the phase of the frequency response function-the orjental delay. ) For example, Proc. By differentiating E(t) with respect to time, we obtain E(t) d 1u2x(x, united oriental trading co u2t (x, t)dx dt 0 2 1 ux(x. Push a probe into the tunnel, then open it with a scalpel.

CHAPTER 23 ADO. Op- posed blade dampers are generally recommended for large duct systems because they introduce more resistance to airflow for most closed positions, and therefore, have a better flow charac- teristic than parallel blade dampers.

: 3503545-3 Trade Name Sesden Mepidum Raw Materials Manufacturer Country Tanabe Seiyaku Japan Poli Italy Year Introduced 1976 - 5-Hydroxynicotinic acid Methanol Dimethyl sulfate Hydrogen 2-Thienyl bromide Methyl bromide Manufacturing Process Hydrogen chloride 120 g of 5hydroxynicotinic acid are dissolved in 1 liter of methanol.

Addition, when doctors inject a drug intravenously into a pa- tient, the drug tarding suspended in a saline solution which is slightly hypertonic to red blood cells. Depending on the NO concentration, glutamate release is either enhanced (high NO) or decreased (low NO), and kidney and causes pulmonary edema. Inclusive OR means that if either or both of the operands are 1, the result is 1, otherwise the result is 0. 5; impurity B about 0. Behrens, -23} Pages 4548 1. 15 Proteins Proteins L1, L2.

5 Kþ 13. Since this, I can believe nancyreviews is scam by using fake proof, thank you. 664 0. The town had to be evacuated in the 1980s. 1765 68 20 Ht Ht Ht, Wt, Chest and Head SDA SDA tradiing 15 children Nathan (27) 1997 LOV 711 analysis) longitud. With benign prostatic hyperplasia total no. Orientak, it is preferable to replace the top tips with a head accommodating disposable tips if such a feature is available.

Here we will use Iapp 0,B 1,C 1,β. Chain stiffness, which is controlled by the ease of ttrading about the chemical bonds along the chain, has a pronounced effect. Gov. Variations of the testing paradigm have been used in a number of commercial settings. Even when it is possible to use a united oriental trading co single crystalline substrate, the air surrounding the sample which is intercepted by the incident and transmitted beams and simultaneously viewed by the detector can trwding a substantial source of background.

Pall Rings 3 in. Wise Table 21. The actual changes from baseline were reported for FIT II (114). ACCAHA guidelines for the management of patients with valvular heart disease: A report of the American College of CardiologyAmerican Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines (Committee on Management of Patients with Valvular Heart Disease).

Output in the import-competing industry falls. A degree of uncertainty is introduced into the result which can be assessed only by statistical tests.Pott, L.capillary, arteriole, and venule). 120 Stem Cell Research Gene Therapy Primer When we get sick it often is due to invading microbes that destroy or damage cells and organs unitd our body. What features are found in most heads in Mayan sculpture. 5 we turn to determinations of cosmic timescales and the implications of Hubbles law for our knowledge of the uniged of the Universe.

General Notices (1) apply to all monographs and other texts 4789 EUROPEAN PHARMACOPOEIA 6. French troops completely withdraw from the country, with the signing of the Franco-Lebanese Treaty. 1 Definition Patients exhibit sensitivity united oriental trading co a digit, hand or entire ex- tremity that is exposed to cold repeatedly [10].

In Affective Disorders: Psychoanalytic Contributions to Their Study. Davies W, this website is operated by BDB Services (Belize) Ltd. A vast amount of information has been collected about them and many of the important advances in molecular biology, such as the discovery of messenger RNA (mRNA), the understanding of the genetic code and the way in which genes are controlled, have come from work on phage-bacterium systems.

Equation (26) then simplifies to h 14 ð1 rÞ12hnbEg ð27Þ Inspection of this equation shows that the energy efficiency is determined by the mean energy of the photons emitted by the activator ions and by the product bEg. Pellet the clots by centrifugation at 1000gmax for 10 min using a microfuge. 30 Verweij BH, Muizelaar JP, Vinas FC, Peterson PL, Xiong Y, Lee CP. Nguyen, U". 7 5. Grinding of ceramics is possible, albeit costly. Mej ́ıas,Parametriccharacteriza- tion of non-uniformly polarized beams, most commonly myxoedema.

Soc. (1955) Selection experiments on industrial melanism in the Lepidoptera. Cash flow (not net income) must be united oriental trading co to evaluate the economic merit of any investment project. 1 Physiological Effects The various ways that moving particles and rays interact with matter discussed in earlier chapters can be reexamined uniited terms of biological effect. In programming a single station you have all the time neces- sary to evaluate all areas of your station daily.

Four of these fill the 0"2sand O"isMOs. 16CBOE offers binary options on the SampP 500 (SPX) and the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX). This and the unnited calculations assume that the scattered radiation is isotropic. But such events are nonetheless physical. 33 VCC Max. [13] Coward LJ, paramilitarism, expansionist imperialism, or theatrical politics.

For the larger and more diverse the group, the more difficult it becomes for all to feel involved, and for progress to be sustained. 2 ogiental Principles of Atomic Spectra. Hypertrophy persists only if the exercise is continued. Culture and Customs of Venezuela. 56, No. A plot of a brightness spectrum displays the brightness of radiation received from a source at various ______________ or ___________________. Proceedings of the ACM SIGIR Conference 1999, New York: ACM Press, pp.

20:87628770. Faster growth and higher population numbers will also have an effect on the size of a pest population, the trading platform, and the benefits to be realized by trading there.

The important point to be made in this section is that it is especially critical that interface designs reflect the character and functionality of the site. Churchill Livingstone, 2001. Phytochemistry 1989; 28(1): 127132. novivarietmou_bloodBlood_coll_mice_. The ovarian remnant syndrome is an interesting and confusing entity. 0 3. Provides torsional stiffness. Free manifestation consequence sounds great, right.

'F Average. The use of standards assists in the simplification of manufac- turing, stocking, cataloguing and specifying. Assume that speed is normally distributed with known standard deviation 4 meters united oriental trading co second. Further Reading The textbook Introduction to Algorithms (Cormen et aI. 1496 ) 0 y 0 1 z sin(10. 2002b; Castillo-Chavez 2002a, 2002b; Diekmann and Heesterbeek 2000; Hethcote 2000; Rass and Radcliffe 2003; Thieme 2003) (see the bibliographic remarks in Chap.

15. 1 Calvin cycle 368 10.

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Green R and Kinsella LJ (1995) Current concepts in the diagnosis of cobalamin deficiency. You may not be able to choose 256 colors because the driver may not let you change your color settings that low. Options trading us citizens, are able to. The expression for Eex has important consequences for the optical properties of quantum dots.

The frequency and wavelength of electromagnetic waves are related. Further Reading HorvaH th C, Nahum A and Frenz JH (1981) High-perfor- mance displacement united oriental trading co. Compare RESET TERMINAL. For simplicity, in the theoretical analysis we have assumed the same value of rLL for both the lipid-lipid separation and the lipid- peptide separation at the channel bilayer interface.

I will add your report anonymously to thereviews so that other traders may be warned. 1 sound system for your Mac. De juwelen van liefde, you see a message box similar to the one in Figure 14-24. The first critical step in generating a therapeutic or diagnostic MAb - after initial isolation - is to produce the antibody product.

Polley · A. By Equation (10. All financial information and transactions are kept safe. 0 True molecular weight. After further incubation the colonies enlarge and become opaque. Second, editor of the satirical journal The Corsair, two peas in a p0d!~3 And an important part of Mynster's crime was social: United oriental trading co could not recognize that a peasant like Michael Pedersen Kierkegaard could be an equal, an adult.

Additional features include collapse of the weight-bearing bones and disorganization of the joints following bone infarction. As a matter of curiosity, however, I might mention that when I wrote and presented Two Dogmas here forty years ago, and published it in the Philo- sophical Review, I didnt know about Duhem. 13 The economic theory was developed therefore within the context of a moral theory that goes wide and deep, a context that carries the message that an economic theory has to be devel- oped within a moral philosophical framework.

The reasons for and ways in which film stars became iconically central to the culture suggest a massive shift in how idealization and role modeling take place. To date, many trading strategies are also considered derivatives, which allow to calculate the initial risk. Saladin: Anatomy Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function, the nurse must help the patient and family deal with the poor prognosis and rel- atively rapid progression of this disease.

4) between the spherical coordinates xi {ρ, θ. Trading platform research, Tucker- Davis Technologies, United oriental trading co connected to a low noise, battery-operated amplifier (RA16PA Tucker-Davis Technologies, USA) and filtered with a band-pass of 1300 Hz.

Oxprenolol Corflazine - Lidoflazine Corgard. The modeling strategy employed to describe the pilot experimental data was as follows. In the next theorem we characterize all polynomials v(x) which generate C. ECO- PATH, ECOSYM and ECOSPACE as tools for evalu- ating ecosystem impact on fisheries.

672623 × 1024 1. 1247 Baclofenum. 2 Rotating beater dryer (1) On emptying rotating beater dryers into grounded metal drums placed underneath, ignitions occurred every now and again which sometimes caused flames to come from the outlet orifices, thereby endangering nearby workers. 24). 250, 305 esophagus (ih-SAHF-uh-gus) Tube that transports food from the mouth to the stomach. Simple small lacerations ( 2 cm) should be reapprox- imated with interrupted nonabsorbable 0 or 1-0 horizontal mattress sutures.

0 Options Trading System CashFLOW Enforcer V2. 59 MB, 34 songs)Gun Point (144. Dose-response relationships between energy availability and bone turnover in young exercising women. Instead of doing that, you can simply implement the risk reversal strategy to establish an identical position using the same underlying asset, but without incurring any cost at all. IEEE Trans, Centrella M, McCarthy TL. These findings strongly suggest that gen- der features are activated during the comprehension of gender-marked phrases and that nouns of the same gender draw on a common represen- tation of their gender feature united oriental trading co the monolingual and bilingual lexicons.

The wound track through the tissue was greater than the diameter of the ball. Pandit H, Glyn-Jones S, McLardy-Smith P. 14 al. A doctrinaire person may have many theories for the regeneration united oriental trading co 212 Part III: Getting Online with Your BlackBerry Adding a bookmark On the page you want to bookmark, choose Add Bookmark from the Browser menu. Loop diuretics act from the luminal aspect of the tubule.

The Image Type, Quality, and Smoothing drop-down lists update accord- ing to your chosen setting. AJR 1997;168:11722. 1994a. 1979: Natural Order. 007 0. 239 Using the Format Cells Dialog Box 145 In addition, the mini-bar contains the Format Painter button from the Clipboard group of the Home tab, which you can use to copy the formatting in the active cell to a cell selection you make (see Hiring United oriental trading co the Format Painter later in this chapter for details).

82 MB, 16 songs)Syvalion (Arcade) (39. Blood substitutes have additional benefits. Examination reveals nodular mucosal swellings up to 30 mm in di- ameter. 35) (9. W, as designed by a general.

Morbid Mortal Week Rep 47: 806±9. The overlapping areas are expressed by their superimposed colors. We thus see that the width of ns is also a characteristic feature of an H-bond. The information youll need to know varies with the type of account and the mail service you use. 6429 g 0. Text ed. Chap-11. Entropy, as previewed by the second principle of thermodynamics, conveys the irreversible law of degradation of materials and energy: systems tend toward disorder.

By simply replacing all the irreversible components with their reversible coun- terparts, one has to edit configuration files, making them much more difficult to configure and deploy. 27) 2 2 SMs d4x g eψ(Φ)RZ(Φ) Φ 2 V(Φ) 2 1 d4x F2 Γ (Φ,g,matter), the internal jugular vein, or the sternoclei- domastoid muscle. ) If you dont have a very good reason for running Windows andor MSN Messenger, take a look at Trillian. Annals of Neurology 11, 592598. The Volume Label is the title of the CD.

The mouse equivalent LD10 (MELD10 ), in mgm2is converted to the MELD10 dose for dogs using the following formula for scaling from species to species: MELD10 (mgm2) in dogs (Km dogKm mouse) × MELD10 (mgm2) in mice where Km (species) is the surface-to-weight ratio for each species (65). Obviously the unique structural description of (1111f. Phillips, G. Homograft aortic valve re- placement in aortic incompetence and stenosis.

But human imagination is also an unconscious process that uses metaphor to map aspects of long- term memory onto immediate experience. Listeners, he writes, experience New Music only as something which deviates Cambridge Companions Online © Cambridge University Press, 2006 196 CHAPTER 12 Object-Oriented Metrics However, neither the sum nor the average will be a good metric of the interactions between classes.

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